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Polyurethane (PUR/PIR Components)

Rigid polyurethane and polyisocyanurate foams form one of the world's most popular, energy-efficient and versatile insulations. It significantly cuts fuel and construction costs while making commercial and residential properties safer, better utilized and more comfortable around the globe. Polyurethane and polyiso foams have one of the highest insulating R-values per inch of all commercially available products today. With typical values in the range of R 5.6 to R 8 per inch, it is possible to have thinner walls and lower profile roofs while maximizing efficiency, increasing space utilization and reducing operating costs. Rigid polyurethane and polyiso foams contribute to society and culture by conserving resources.



A number of PUR formulations to suit end use requirements of various foam for applications production of diverse insulation materials,
boats and floatation, thermos containers, high density decorative elements etc.

Our Rigid Polyurethane Systems Products:
PU System for Sandwich Panel:  It is used in construction industry for continue and discontinues production
PU System for Cold and Frozen Storage Room :  Cold Chain Industry (Commercial Refrigerator, Minibar, etc.)
PU System for Wood Imitation:  Wood Imitation and high density polyurethane application
PU System for Block Production:  Rigid Block Foam production

Technical Properties:                              
Excellent Heat Insulation property

Mechanical Properties:
Density (kg/m3) : 27 – 900
Heat Conductivity (W/mK) : 0.023 – 0.034 depending on density

Reaction Profiles:
Cream Time: 3 sec. - 45 sec.
Fire Behaviour: DIN 4102 B4-B1

It is suitable for open/closed systems by Low and High pressure polyurethane machines.