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QRB (Quick Response Buildings)



Simple, load-bearing, modular, flat packed structure
Very short assembling and (disassembling) time (45 minutes by 4 people), re-locatable
Made of coilcoated galvanized steel and sandwich panel; safe, secure and hygienic
Rigid PU insulation
Cost effective transportation by air, sea and land vehicles, ISO containers
Storage capability in advance and rapidly deploy when needed
Multipurpose usage
All weather elements (+- 40 C) and Fire resistance (EN 13184-B1), 
Extendable and re-usable
Possible to set up a camp and disaster village by modifying the design of the units
Effective design: no nuts, no bolts.
Possibility of dropping by NATO airdrop palates when necessary.
All surfaces can be steamed or chemically cleaned & decontaminated when interior metallic face is stainless steel.
Resistant to insects & gnawing animals
Helps government and other decision-making authorities with efficient flexibility and ensure the new measures and works to be taken and performed on time and accurately; rapidly decrease the public stress in disasters



When disaster strikes, the complete unexpected situation instantly becomes a reality. A hurricane strike. A major earthquake. Summer wildfires. With little warning and often devastating impact, disasters demand the best performance from both people and equipment. 

The rapid response places a special pressure on the governmental and relief agencies which have been tasked with assembling the tools, talent and resources to act immediately for recovery. Re-locatable portable shelters play a major role in these efforts, serving as  a temporary work spaces for relief personnel , providing secure work facilities for military or police.  

Faced with the intense demands placed on them in disaster situations, selecting the right modular shelter system can make a tremendous difference in how effectively your agency can operate in difficult conditions.

When disaster strikes, performance and productivity can make enormous differences to the people whose lives have been disrupted or destroyed. With the right modular shelter system - and the right choice in portable building and mobile buildings vendor - your agency can ensure that they receive every advantage possible for effective and speedy recovery.

The QRB is the first response and emergency accommodation and facilities for victims/survivors of natural disasters, fire, flood, conflict, famine, site offices and accommodation and facilities for the labor, military camps etc. The units can be used by humanitarian aid agencies, governmental organizations and the local administrations to bring back the society to normal living conditions, a process that may take a very long time
In such cases it is possible to build a QRB-house within a very short time with 2-3 skilled peoples or under the supervision with unskilled peoples.
Those multi-purpose units can be assembled on all kind of grounds including slopes within 45 minutes by 4 people without any special tools or materials. The Units meet the health, hygienic and living standards of EU.  The flexibility of the QRB unit allows the houses to be used as temporary shelters, storage facilities, medical facilities, administration building for construction companies, classrooms, and shops in all weather conditions.  
The units are modular and extendable, allowing setting up a camp and/or village. Our units can be modified according to the clients’ specifications.


Structure & Panels
The bases are installed up the leg system/ (or when the infrastructure is suit can be anchor directly to the concrete slab).  Waterproof High Density Fiber (HDF) board or OSB and vinyl (or any layer of the customer need) is installed on the floor surface.

Wall&Roof Panel
40 mm thick rigid polyurethane foam with 42 kg/m3 density DIN 4102 and B1 fire resistance class


Window frames are made of PVC or aluminum.  Windows are inward opening or upon request windows can be furnished with scrolled down or removable sliding insert screen. Sealed double-thermo paned glazed 4+12+4 mm thickness float glasses.